Airbus, an aircraft operator, has recently utilized Microsoft’s Hololens. It is an MR (Mixed Reality) device that introduces a superior practice for the company staff. It specifically helps to speed up the overall rendering process. Aside from that, Airbus also plans to form stronger connections with Microsoft to market the MR HoloLens to companies involved in the airline enterprise. 

Employing AR, VR, MR for Manufacturing Means 

Airbus advocates the use of virtual, mixed, and augmented reality for quite some time now. According to the company’s vice president, Jean-Brice Dumont, the firm relates various mixed realities to their aircraft to enhance the safety, security, and status of their products. Furthermore, the company also suggest that by employing MR, their design process efficiency has improved a lot, making the process 80% faster. 

A critic from Moor Insights and Strategy, Ansel Shag, argues he can already see the development of XR techniques in the aerospace industry.

Although there have been some obstacles, such as labor fees, expenses of products, and coaching, Shag thinks that the application of these innovative solutions is already noticeable within the said department. 

Alliances with Microsoft Corporation 

Several accounts indicated that Airbus formed a collaboration with Microsoft to execute and endorse MR devices into airline-related partnerships. The organization has confirmed these claims and specified that they intend to start a project called “collaborative map solution”; a service that effectively links aerospace and defense employees.

Airbus has already teamed up with Microsoft on two mechanisms that are valuable to clients in the aerospace industry, such as teaching guides, servicing, manufacturing assistance, and more. While Microsoft is not exactly an aerospace-inclined enterprise, Airbus can certainly fit in the areas where they lack the expertise as they are the guys with more credible airline knowledge.