IPad is developed for both productivity and entertainment aspects; therefore using them for a long time is expected. Usually, they do not get hot in short intervals of time, but there are times when they get hot if used multiple times during the day.

Reasons for IPad getting hot

There are many reasons for IPad getting hot. If used when plugged-in to a power source, you will most likely feel the Ipad getting hot. Another reason for getting hot is when multiple apps are used at once, especially the apps that consume a lot of processing power. The environment can also be a reason for IPad getting hot such as using them directly under the sun.

Fixing the IPad overheat problem

IPad’s overheating problem can be solved by following the underlying methods.

Close the apps running in the background

Many times, there are tons of apps consuming the processing speed of IPad. Therefore, the processor has to perform a lot of hard work. In that case, IPad starts getting hotter. Closing all the apps running in the background and only using one app is the most optimal way to avoid overheating.

Adjusting the settings

If you do not want to close all the apps, you can adjust the background app settings to free up the background apps’ resources to avoid overheating.

Adjusting the display

Lowering IPad’s screen brightness can solve the overheating problem significantly as it is also a significant source of power consumption. The best method is to use auto-brightness to avoid this problem.

Power cycle checking

A power cycle is a way to reset the device in a way that it refreshes to new. You can restart your IPad by doing a power cycle check.

Charging Issues

If your IPad is getting hot while charging, there is a change that there is something wrong with the battery. In that case, you will need to get it checked from Apple Store.