Mediums on the internet through which people connect socially are called social media platforms. They aid the global community to connect. Hence, social media, in today’s day and age, has gained a lot of significance. 

The working of social media

With a number of platforms available, the confusion of how they work is legit. However, each of these platforms works differently and has a different protocol. The base behind all of these platforms is making a user account and sharing media with other accounts.

For instance, no matter you join Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, your first step will always be to make an account on it.

Once that is done, you will have to share some content and connect with others.

Types of social media:

Social media comes in different types, with each platform serving a different purpose.

1. Discussion platforms

Platforms like Reddit are discussion platforms in which people from across the globe discuss matters relevant to them.

2. Media platforms

These platforms, including Instagram and Snapchat, let people share pictures and videos and connect through them.

3. Social platforms

People with different account names connect through them on social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook. 

4. Review platforms

Is a product good or bad? Is a service worth it? Answers to all these questions are readily available on review platforms where the actual consumers review them.

Significance of social media

The significance of social media can be imaged by the single fact that businesses that have a presence on them tend to gain exceeding profit margins with time. Contrary to that, those businesses who decided to stay offline have no become redundant. Hence it proves the fact that connecting online, having a social media platform and using varied mediums simultaneously guarantees success for businesses.