As we know very well that the use of social media has become an essential part of life and we use social media to connect with the world. Along with the connection with the world, we can share our thoughts on different topics. If a large population on social media start posting about a specific thing it may be a political issue or about movies, it becomes a hashtag which comes with the symbol (#).

Social Networks With Hashtags

The social network is the networks which can be used for different purposes. News agencies and entertainment agencies usually watch online social networks to know the latest trends. Every site has its benefits and drawbacks which we are going to discuss.


On Facebook, we have different types of options which are related to post. We can share our post or story with friends or all public with the proper hashtag. As it is the most used application in the world so that’s why hashtag has its power in it. If you want to find out about a specific thing just put that phrase with the hashtag in the search bar of Facebook and you will get your result.


Like Facebook, you can also add a hashtag to your tweet or post and it will appear with your post. The interesting fact about Twitter is that the limits of hashtag characters on it is 140.


In Instagram, the option of putting a hashtag in the picture is available while giving the caption. If you are an Instagram user then you are well known about the discover section. In this section all the indexed pictures are present.


In youtube, if you are a video uploader you can put hashtags in the description section. A separate section is also given for hashtags before uploading the video. If you are a viewer then you can put hashtags in the comment section.


Tumblr is also an excellent social site which bloggers most use. In this social application, you don’t have to put the symbol # in the post you just have to write the phrase and then press enter, hashtag comes automatically.


The hashtag is the most important tool of social networking sites because of them, the latest trends can be made and you can raise your voice on any topic. Big brands and companies use these hashtags for the marketing of their business. You just have to know how to use them efficiently and correctly.