Even though from all accounts, the world has moved on and left this baby in the dust, those who know and appreciate the simplicity, elegance, and incredible sophistication offered by Windows 7 and Windows Vista Microsoft products know just how difficult it is to part with this software.

It is for this simple reason that even now, well more than a full year after the parent company of Windows 7 have fully and completed discontinued providing updates and upgrades for this software, that a great number of people are still requesting aid and assistance with the installation and setup of gadgets on their Windows & or Windows Vista laptop.

Yes, we get that these operating systems have something great about them that fully and truly sets them apart from even the more advanced versions out there. Still, regardless of this fact, before putting you through all that you need to know to successfully install a GADGET on this OS, we would encourage that you try, if you can to get Windows software of later models. This is purely in the interests of your security as these operating systems most likely do not have what it takes to protect your sensitive files and documents anymore.

As you likely know, the use to which you can put the gadgets that Windows offers you to be quite many. Depending on what task you want the gadget to execute, one can help you get constant updates from social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter while yet another can help you tell the time in multiple time zones at once.

To set up these handy resources, here’s what you should do.

Setting Up Your GADGET on Your Windows PC

The first thing you need to do is to find and download the GADGET file you want to use. Next, execute the file you download as administrator and begin the installation process.

In some cases, you might get a pop-up telling that the Publisher could not be verified. You are free to ignore this so long as you trust the source you downloaded the file from. Once it has fully installed, you can simply tweak the settings as necessary and you’re all set!

Have fun using your new GADGET tool!