How to get a new Tinder account on the same phone

How to get a new Tinder account on the same phone

In many ways, the biggest breakthrough of the 21st century is without an iota of doubt the proliferation of the internet and the plethora of opportunities and chances that it presents.

Where once upon a time, you had to own a large computer system to even access the wealth of information tucked away online, you don’t have to go through any stress to access the internet now as you can do so directly with a handheld device.

With the coming of the internet came the rise in popularity of social media platforms. Several statistics released on a yearly basis attest to the fact that more and more people are signing on to and making use of multiple social media outlets almost daily.

As the reach and extension of the social media platform continued to spread, it presented new and better chances that its user could easily leverage to do quite literally any number of rather amazing possibilities.

In today’s world, people now use social media platforms for everything from advanced business mechanics to high end entertainment. However, in recent times, social media platforms have become rather popular for a completely different reason; the ease of access it provides individuals looking to date.

As everything has become more streamlined in the 21st century, it should come as no surprise that dating, such as it is would evolve. Rather than have a mutual friend hook you up with someone you know little next to nothing about, all you need to do is sign on to a dating website or app and have them do the hard work for you.

Essentially, a dating app provides a lot of crucial services that help its users find their perfect match as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Most sating apps do this by matching you with the perfect candidate that fits all the information you must have supplied during and after you have registered to the website.

Now, of all the dating apps that provide this service, there is one that does so with an economy of fuss and an astonishingly high level of accuracy; Tinder. There are quite a lot of reasons why Tinder is so well received among a wide host of internet users.

One of this is the fact that the platform can be accessed absolutely free of charge, if that is what the user prefers at that point in time. Another reason is the fact that it operates a simple system that allows you find your perfect match in the most favorable way possible. When you top this off with a user interface that is 100% friendly, you can see why there is so much widespread acceptance of the dating software.

As you can probably imagine, in order to maintain such a remarkable level of good results, this particular dating app conversely demand that its users maintain a high standard. This is why, unlike with Tinder counterparts, there is quite a lot you need to know in order for you to use the dating app most efficiently.

To start with, consider this scenario:

You have been using the Tinder app with a remarkable level of success. All of a sudden something occurs that compels you to determine that for you to move forward on the app, you absolutely need to wipe your slate clean.

If you’re wondering what such a circumstance could be, it could be that through no fault (or maybe a minor fault) of your own, you got banned from the platform. Or maybe you feel like there is a big adjustment you have to make in order to get even more and better matches for your profile. Alternatively, it could even be because you want to avoid getting slammed with a very lower Tinder score.

Whatever the case may be, you might discover that opening a completely new and different Tinder account is better than slugging it through with your old account. If you find yourself at this point, then it is important you educate yourself on how to acquire a new Tinder account while still using the phone that had your old account.

There are several ways of doing this, all of which would ultimately require that you get yourself a virtual phone number.

Below are our top picks of steps you could take.

Method 1

Through Using the Facebook Platform

This is one of the simplest ways you can get a new Tinder account for yourself. How to get started? Easy!

If you are currently logged in to your Facebook account on your phone, all you need to do is log that main account out and then create a completely new one. This should be after you must have deleted everything related to your old Tinder account. Log back to your main Facebook account, locate Tinder in the Settings Function and remove the website. Next, with your new Facebook account, download the Tinder app from your official app store and sign in.

Keep in mind that following this method could lead to reaching sanctions from Facebook.

Method 2

Through a Third-Party Application

Another great option available to you is to access Tinder from a third-party application. There are several of these for you to choose from. What’s more is that you might find them even more enjoyable than using the normal Tinder application that you are on.


Because with them you don’t have to worry about any pesky adds popping up in the middle of a good chat. There are also really cool features you can leverage like receiving a regular, free monthly boost and receiving as many likes as you want!

However, you can only get these apps through third-party stores like AppValley and PandaHelper.

Method 3

Through Cloning the Tinder Official App

The last alternative that we recommend is to use an official tool like Parallel Space to clone the app. What this does is that it essentially creates your own copy of the Tinder app for you!

However, you should expect to encounter some challenges when opting for this as you have to pay a premium after a 3-day grace period.

Ultimately, no matter what why you go, you would need to verify that new Tinder account with a phone number. To that end, simply click here to get your own virtual phone number.