Ford released a new prototype bed to keep people (especially married couples) from getting too close and uncomfortable during nighttime.

The latest lane-keeping bed from Ford was influenced by a study that there are people who developed a lasting relationship only when they are left alone during their sleep. This Ford Lane-Keeping bed is a must for all couple who feels that having a private bed space is essential to a lasting relationship.

If you are curious about how this bed works, read on.

1. Rotating Mattress. This bed is equipped with Ford’s conveyor technology that allows the mattress to rotate as the person sleeping on the bed moves. The conveyor belt keeps the bed occupants on the center as long as they did not cross the other bed’s lane.

2. Sensors. Using the advanced lane-keeping technology mastered by Ford, several motion sensors were installed to track the movement of the occupants. Once one of the occupants lapses or traverses into the other side of the bed, the detector will immediately alarm the system and will activate the push motors.

3. Push Motors Fix. The bed’s built-in push rolling motor, which was installed beneath the mattress, forces the person (who went beyond his/her side of the bed) back to the original position he/she is sleeping on. This mechanism is done in a subtle way that does not produce noise or discomfort to the bed occupants.

Ford originally conceptualized this lane-keeping bed to help drivers visualize the significance of always getting into the right lane to prevent accidents and other road aberrations from happening.

Indeed, Ford continues to set the bar higher for responsible driving, and this time, the company attempts to resolve some couple glitches as well.

While this lane-keeping bed is just a prototype for now, Ford proved that they are one of the leading car manufacturers with an exceptional standard of corporate social responsibility.