The Global Intermix CEO Tom Mitchell shared how he used wearable technology to keep his people healthy. According to Mitchell, he fully understands the significance of being healthy-having proper diet, enough sleep, and physical activities.

He revealed that in the past holiday season, he started his innovation.  He provided all his employees with Fitbit trackers and taught them how to use the health monitoring devices properly. The CEO also opened a company-wide contest- the person who records the most significant ‘health lift’ will be given cash incentives. 

Within a month of using the Fitbit trackers, he observed that his people turned to be as healthy ‘madmen.’ According to Mitchell, there were even some who recorded 25 pounds weight reduction, and another one joined a marathon in less than a month.

The CEO is pleased how his innovation and ‘gimmick’ helped the people a lot. He said that the Fitbit trackers that he provided for free to his employees are all worth it.

What is Wearable Technology

Also known as wearable gadgets, this revolutionized technology focuses on providing means to monitor the vital processes and trends in the body. Wearable devices are infused with powerful sensors and lens that are capable of reading body movements and patterns.

Wearable gadgets are usually used to produce feeds regarding the heart rate, blood pressure level, and even the number of steps. Once a wearable device senses an anomaly in your body, it will automatically send a suggestion or a warning.

In today’s fast-phase world, one must find some ways to monitor his or her health status.

Remember that the only investment that you can lay aside from your skills, aptitude, and talent is your optimum health. 

Indeed, using wearable technology to keep you healthy is effective. And the good news is that you can use this innovation even if you are not a CEO.