U.S. e-commerce giant Amazon confirmed that they would be using unmanned drones to send items soon.

Amazon’s top executive revealed that they are eying to test the capability to send drones and deliver up to 5lbs load within 15 miles.

However, the executive did not mention the area coverage of the much-awaited delivery service. Also, there was no information given as to when is the launching of the said innovation.

Meanwhile, some U.S. government officials informed the public that, indeed, the said company was granted right to fly drones. According to a reliable source, the flying authority of the U.S. issued a permit to Amazon to use MK27 drone on its delivery service. The said permit lasts for one year and is open for renewal once there is no recorded lapse on the part of Amazon.

This recent revelation put an exclamation to the issue that the American e-commerce giant is just exploiting the possibility of using drones to catch the attention of the public.

Based on Amazon’s press release, the company is capable of sending unmanned aircraft off-site to deliver goods and products as early as 2016 after conducting a test flight in Cambridge (drone delivered a package in just 13 minutes).

What is the First Step of Flying Drones?

Even if you have the money and can buy a couple of high-end drones, there’s no assurance that you can fly one. The first thing that you must do is to get a professional drone license.

As what the Amazon did, you need to procure a license first from the country that you want to operate. This is a measure to ensure that all drone pilots are equipped with the necessary knowledge before sending a flying object on air.